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Host Broadcaster

RAI RADIOTELEVISIONE ITALIANA (RAI) is the Host Broadcaster for the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU from July 1st until December 31st, 2014.

RAI will supply EU and worldwide broadcasters and news agencies with free-of-charge audio-visual material from all Informal Ministerial and High Level Meetings, the High Level Employment Conference and ASEM. 

The Host Broadcaster will also help visiting colleagues to acquire their own stories by arranging access for visiting crews to facilities. RAI will be managing and assigning the facilities through a dedicated bookings and reservation facility service, to ensure the best and most comprehensive coverage to all media visiting Italy. All details of the facilities shall be defined with RAI and will be available on a first come first served basis.


Host Broadcaster Coverage of Events

RAI will produce the events in HD-SDI 1080/50i and 16:9 SD-SDI 625/50i with embedded audio and will make available, throughout a satellite multidestination feed (HD format with embedded audio, downlink parameters to be advised upon request), extensive live coverage and edited highlighted packages of the following moments during the Italian events:

  1. Arrival of the Ministers

  2. Arrival greetings

  3. The “Tour de Table” before the start of the Meetings

  4. The “Family Photo”

  5. Coverage of the Press Conferences

The embedded audio foresees following two configurations:

  • Live / highlights: Channels 1-2 TV stereo international sound, Channels 3-4 mono international sound;

  • Press conferences: Channel 1 Floor language, Channel 2 English language, Channel 3 French language, Channel 4 Italian language.




At Mi.Co. (Milano Congressi, Via Gattamelata 5 - Gate 17 Milano) RAI will manage facilities for visiting Broadcasters. ISDN and PSTN lines can be booked by visiting Broadcasters through their preferred Telecom operator whereas Wired LAN connection is available in the Press area. WI FI connection is available in all Mi.Co. areas.

For security reasons cabling facilities need to be previously checked and agreed with RAI.


Media Booth

Each media booth will have a monitor with the world feed, two separate SDI with embedded audio. There will also be available two analogue audio circuits to each Booth for Floor language and translated audio to be assigned to each Booth.

The video will be terminated on BNC and the audio on male XLR connections.

There are a limited number of Media Booths available and they will be reserved on a first come first served basis.


Live Stand Up Positions

There will be Live Stand Up Positions on booking basis wired to the distribution area for immediate distribution to “on site” unilateral uplink vehicles and they will be reserved on a first come first served basis.


Play Out Facility

RAI will provide play-out facilities in the following formats:

XD cam

IMX and Digital Betacam

All formats of DV

FTP upload is also available through the above mentioned Wired LAN connection in the Press area.


SNG/Uplink Parking

There are a limited number of parking places available for SNG / Uplink vehicles. These will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Each parking position will be supplied with a 230V/32A technical power (single phase) or a 380V/32A technical power (three phase) and a video feed of the Host Broadcaster world feed in HD or SD with embedded audio.

All vehicles have to be security checked before entering the venues of the meetings.


The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) will also be present at certain events for connectivity to the Eurovision Global Network and unilateral services. In this case, interested Broadcasters will be served by means of cooperation between RAI and EBU.



RAI looks forward to welcoming media colleagues to Italy. Please do not hesitate to let RAI know your requirements. Contact details are:


Facilities Bookings


Telephone: +39 06 331 70052)


Host Broadcaster Production Team


  • Massimo MIGANI (Project Manager)


Telephone: +39 06 331 78294

Mobile: +39 335 5994197


  • Roberto PAPI (Booking Manager)


Telephone: +39 06 331 71732

Mobile: +39 335 1604700


  • Lucia COLAFRANCESCO (Booking Engineer)


Telephone: +39 06 331 72813

Mobile: +39 335 7597668


  • Dario SAVORETTI (Production Manager)


Telephone: +39 06 331 78691

Mobile: +39 335 5991606


  • Enrico MOTTA (Production Engineer)


Telephone: +39 02 31992078

Mobile: +39 335 201839

Last update: 12 August 2014