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you can judge a book by its cover…

From 13 December 2014, thanks to the changes introduced by the regulation No 1169/2011, consumers will be provided with full information on prepacked foods

Provenance and content

What are the changes regarding products traceability?

From December 2014, the Country of origin and place of provenance of meat must be shown on the label, also when it is used as ingredient

every ingredient or processing aid which may cause allergies must be shown on the package with a clear reference to the name of the substance concerned

Nutrition facts table

From 2016, thanks to the regulation No 1169/2011, the nutrition facts table must be shown on the label of prepacked foods

The labelling requirement will also be applied to foods offered for sale by means of distance communication, such as the Internet

the table must include the energy value and the percentage of each substance





Last update: 11 December 2014