The new European Commission
A guide to the process of formation

The President

  1.  is in charge for five years
  2.  represents the interests of Europe as a whole
  3.  ensures political guidance to the Commission
  4.  convenes and chairs the meetings of the College of Commissioners
  5.  leads the Commission in the implementation of the EU policies

- On the basis of the results of the European elections, the European Council President consults the EU Parliament on a possible candidate for the Presidency of the Commission

- After the consultations, the European Council President proposes a candidate to the European Council

- The European Council votes on the candidate proposed (by qualified majority) 

- The  European Parliament elects the President of the Commission with at least 376 members in favour.


2) The Commissioners 

- The EU Council proposes 27 Commissioners in agreement with the elected European Commission President 

- Each Commissioner, one for each member state, is responsible for a specific policy 

- Afterwards, the full Commission shall be approved by the European Parliament


3) The hearings 

The candidate Commissioner participates in a hearing before the relevant Parliament’s Committees: 

  1.  Written procedure: the proposed Commissioner shall answer in writing five questions posed by MEPs
  2.  At a three-hour hearing before the Committee, the candidate gives a speech and answers questions
  3.  After the hearing, the relevant Committee has 24 hours to evaluate the candidate
  4.  The evaluation is sent to the Conference of Committee Chairs and to the Conference of the Presidents of the European Parliament, which, unless further information and discussions are required, declares the hearing closed


4) Investiture

 -The Commission President presents his Commissioners and priorities during the plenary session of the European Parliament

 - After the debate, MEPs vote to approve the Commission 

- After having been approved by the Parliament, the European Commission starts its five-year mandate






Last update: 05 September 2014