A new visual identity for the “Council family”
Unprecedented co-branding of the EU Council and the six-month presidency

The new visual identity will be rolled-out progressively as of 1 July

Starting from 1 July 2014 the European Council, the EU Council, the Euro Summit, the Eurogroup and the General Secretariat of the Council (GSC) will have a new logo which was designed on a new graphic paper.

The logo was chosen because of its simplicity and symbolism. It associates the European flag with a representation of the new “Europa” building that will host the EU Council and the European Council by 2016. The logo is in line with the architectural approach of the visual identities of the other main EU institutions. 

This new visual identity better resembles the institutional framework and comprises all those entities supported by the SGC. It also allows to overcome technical issues of the current visual identity that are due to the fact that the current graphic paper dates back to a time when many digital applications did not exist and the font used does not exist in every language of the EU. 

The new visual identity will be used by the entire “Council family”, that is to say by the European Council and its President, the EU Council and its presidency (with specific provisions on co-branding in accordance with the presidency in charge), the Eurogroup and its president, the SGC as supporting administration. The SGC has worked in close cooperation with the next presidency of the Council , including the Italian one which will be the first one to associate its own logo to that of the Council.  


logo  en.png
This approach will improve the identification between the presidency in charge and of the Council. The new logo will be progressively introduced starting from 1 July 2014.


Last update: 12 June 2014