Data protection: Giovanni Buttarelli is the new European Supervisor and Wojciech Rafał Wiewiórowski is the new Assistant Supervisor
For a five-year mandate

Giovanni Buttarelli © European Union - EP

On 3 December, the European Parliament and the Council appointed by common agreement Giovanni Buttarelli as the European Data Protection Supervisor and Wojciech Rafał Wiewiórowski as Assistant Supervisor. Their mandate will last for 5 years. They take office when the Presidents of the European Parliament and Council sign the decision, on 4 December.

The European Data Protection Supervisor ensures that fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons, especially their right to privacy, are respected by the EU institutions and bodies. The Assistant Supervisor assists the Supervisor in all his duties and replaces him when he is absent or prevented from attending to them.

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Last update: 04 December 2014