eCall: Coreper endorses agreement with EP on emergency call system in case of road accidents
Lupi: "It will sensibly contribute to reducing the number of injuries and fatalities in road accidents"

CC Flickr / Alessandro Pinna

The Permanent Representatives Committee (Coreper) endorsed an agreement with the European Parliament on type-approval requirements for fitting eCall devices in new motor vehicles.

The EUwide eCall system is designed to speed up emergency services in road accidents. New vehicles will have to be fitted with wireless devices to trigger a distress signal to the 112 emergency call number.

Maurizio Lupi, Italian Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, said: “Coreper today expressed support to an important dossier with a strong impact on European citizens’ everyday life. Automatically triggered in case of road accident, the eCall system will sensibly contribute to reducing the number of injuries and fatalities in road accidents in the Union. Furthermore, the eCall system will help reduce congestion costs caused by traffic accidents; facilitate rescue services and increase security of rescue teams, as well as reduce SOS roadside infrastructure”. 

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Last update: 10 December 2014