Trade marks: recasting the regulatory environment and improving harmonization between countries
The file is on the agenda of the next Competitiveness Council meeting on 25-26 September

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The registration of trade marks will be discussed by the EU Council and the European Parliament over the next few months and, probably, also at next Compet meeting that will take place in September. Such important issue is key to stimulate economic growth and development.

The Italian Presidency is in charge of mediating between the EU Council and the European Parliament in their endeavour to find an agreement on the recast of the regulatory environment of trade marks demanded by the European Commission.

The reform proposed by the Commission aims at promoting ideal conditions that will foster innovation of firms and ensure a higher safeguard of registered trade marks against goods counterfeiting.

“Trade mark-intensive industries generate more than one third of the Union's total GDP and more than one fifth of jobs in the EU”, said Italian State Secretary in charge of European Affairs Sandro Gozi.

The objective is to make the registration of a trade mark more accessible by decreasing costs and timing, as well as by redefining the regulatory environment in order to ensure more legal certainty.

This review is consistent with the efforts to make European and national systems concerning trademarks more consistent and complementary.

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Last update: 08 August 2014