Post - Towards EXPO Milano 2015
"Landscape on a Plate"
Estonia at the EXPO Milano 2015

Estonia’s exhibition is designed to introduce it as a young, dynamic and rapidly developing country in northern Europe, where visitors can explore unspoiled natural landscapes, organic foods and examples of excellence both in its traditions and in its technology.

There is serenity in its vibrant, unblemished nature, its abundance of clean air, refreshing waters and organic farming, maintained through its people’s inventiveness and know-how.

Through a range of activities, workshops and performances, Estonia shares its natural beauty and forests (which are also an ideal travel experience), and new openings offered in the field science and technology, and those precious traits that leave a lasting impression of this small and unique country.

Given its leading position in technology there are elements of design, multi-touch applications and innovative technological solutions.

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Last update: 18 November 2014