“The Sea: sustainability as an engine of development”
Conference in Livorno on 14 and 15 November

Marine Strategy, Blue economy, resources, knowledge and sea tourism. These are the topics of “The Sea: sustainability as an engine of development. Marine Strategy and Blue Growth”, an event organized by the Environment Ministry that will take place in Livorno at Salone del Terminal Crociere del Porto di Livorno 2000 on 14 and 14 November.

The event will involve institutions, sea operators, associations, sea experts and researchers which are invited to share their views throughout three sessions, respectively on: sea resources, sea services and planning instruments for a sustainable development of the sea. At the end of the event, chaired by the Secretary of  State for the Environment Silvia Velo, a set of proposals for the development of the Blue Economy through the Marine Strategy will be presented.

 “This meeting is a great opportunity -said the Secretary of State for the Environment Silvia Velo - to put the sea back at the heart of national and european political agendas, not only from an environmental viewpoint but also as an opportunity for a sustainable development in conjunction with the six-month Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union”.

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Last update: 11 November 2014