Cartels: new rules on damage claims for victims
Gozi: “Result that enhances EU competition law and updates it to the latest needs”

The Council laid down new rules to facilitate damage claims by victims of antitrust violations. The new directive will harmonise and ensure the effective enforcement of antitrust damages rules within the EU, thereby allowing the victims of a cartel to receive full compensation for both the actual loss suffered and for lost profits.

Sandro Gozi, Undersecretary of State responsible for European Affairs, said: "This is an important result that enhances EU competition law and updates it to the latest needs. Italy would like to thank in particular the presidencies of Lithuania and Greece. Thanks to their valuable work, we were able to finalize in short time".

The right to full compensation is guaranteed by the EU treaty, but the practical exercise of this right is often difficult because of the applicable rules and procedures. To date most victims of cartels and collusions in practice do not obtain compensation for the harm suffered. The new measures also seek to improve the efficiency of leniency programmes, whereby a company confesses its participation in a cartel in return for immunity or a reduced fine.

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Last update: 10 November 2014