Foreign trade: Wednesday 15 October, informal meeting of the EU Ministers in Rome
US-EU transatlantic partnership (TTIP), relations with Russia and Ukraine and European trade policy

CC Flickr / Nicolas Raymond

The informal meeting of the EU Trade Ministers takes place at Villa Miani in Rome at 9:00 A.M. The session will be coordinated by Carlo Calenda, Vice-Minister  of Economic Development.

The topics on the agenda are: 

1) bilateral issues concerning the ongoing TTIP negotiations with the United States of America after its 7th round and the relations between the EU, Russia and Ukraine in the light of the current situation. The European Commission will present these issues for subsequent ministerial debate;

2) multilateral issues concerning the Doha Round/WTO negotiations and the Trade Facilitation agreement reached in Bali; 

3) the debate will also encompass European legislative proposals on the trade defence instruments and the reciprocity mechanism on the opening of the public procurement market. At lunch Ministers will exchange their views on future European trade policy priorities. 

The press conference is scheduled at around 3:40 P.M., after the conclusion of the meeting.   


Last update: 13 October 2014