A united EU on Net neutrality, no postponement of the elimination of roaming fees
Tsm package, the statement of Communication Undersecretary Antonello Giacomelli.

The Italian Presidency of the EU Council welcomes Member States’ cooperation on building a common position on the Tsm package (Telecom Single Market).

The delegations’ objective is a new shared document on Net neutrality. This is considered key for the development of the Internet as a space of freedom and opportunities for everybody. The Italian Presidency intends to ascertain the degree of consensus on a proposal that, by restating its principle, would be declined in its most advanced interpretation. 

The Italian Presidency has not proposed any postponement of the elimination of roaming fees, indeed it is willing to identify a date and, for this aim, it is facilitating an agreement between the different parties involved. The introduction of a “fair use” clause has been welcomed by all Member States however, further analyses are required.   


Last update: 26 September 2014