Renzi tells Putin that current situation in Ukraine is unacceptable and urges new negotiations
Italian Prime Minister expresses his great concern for the Ukrainian situation

In the afternoon, Matteo Renzi, President of the Council of Ministers, had a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin during which they discussed about the dramatic situation in Ukraine. Matteo Renzi is deeply concerned about the Ukrainian crisis and, as President in charge of the EU Council and with a view to the EU Council meeting of tomorrow in Milan and the European Council meeting of Saturday in Brussels, is pushing to reopen negotiations. With reference to  today’s entry of Russian troops in Ukraine, Renzi stated once again that the current situation and its consequences are extremely serious and unacceptable. Renzi, who had another phone call with Poroshenko few days ago, is going to meet the Ukrainian President in Brussels on Saturday.

Last update: 28 August 2014