Strengthening cooperation between Council, Commission and EU Parliament
Conclusions of the Informal meeting of Ministers and Secretaries of State for European Affairs (GAC) in Milan

Family picture at the Informal General Affairs meeting on 28 and 29 August

Ministers and Secretaries of State for European Affairs, under the chairmanship of the Undersecretary Sandro Gozi, gathered on 28 and 29 August in Milan and addressed the Strategic Agenda of the European Union at a time of change and the ways to make European action more rapid and effective. They also expressed full support to strengthening institutional cooperation between the Council, the Commission and the European Parliament, especially regarding the legislative planning for the next five years.

In September, the Italian Presidency will focus on measures to achieve stronger growth and higher employment and will initiate a discussion on the functioning of the EU system, in order to make it more effective and closer to its citizens’ concrete needs. 


Last update: 29 August 2014