The files of the Semester
Some of the files on the agenda of the EU Council

A selection of files that will be on the EU Council’s agenda during the Italian Presidency.


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Trade marks: recasting the regulatory environment and improving harmonization between countries
The file is on the agenda of the next Competitiveness Council meeting on 25-26 September


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Safe seas: towards an EU strategy to ensure trade, citizens and environmental safety
The engagement of the Italian EU Presidency in strengthening the common policy on safe seas


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Transparency and traceability to ensure product safety in the European market
New rules for a stronger protection of consumers and fair producers


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Research: new rules to attract talents from all over the world to Europe
The EU is designing measures that will transform Europe in a centre of global excellence for students and researchers


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Travels and tourism: more rights for customers and more opportunities for businesses
The dossier is on the agenda of the EU Council for September


Last update: 09 August 2014