The logo of the 2014 Italian six-month presidency
The winner of the call “My Europe is…”is a stylised swallow in the colours of Europe

Liceo Artistico Design e Tecnico Grafico ISIS-IPSIA "G. Meroni" students who designed the logo

The winner of the call “My Europe is…” is a stylised swallow in the colours of Europe. “My Europe is…” is the name of the call addressed to Italian schools and published by the Ministry for Education, University and Research in cooperation with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Department for European Policies for the realization of the logo of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union #IT2014EU.

The selection process ended on 20 May 2014 when the official presentation took place before the Undersecretary for European Policies, Sandro Gozi, the Minister for Education, University and Research, Stefania Giannini, ESA astronaut and Chief of military aeronautics, Luca Parmitano as “ambassador” of the six-month presidency, communication and branding expert , Susanna Bellandi.
Over 600 Italian schools participated to the call, driven by a common will to represent their feeling of being European and Italian citizens. The Liceo Artistico Design e Tecnico Grafico ISIS-IPSIA "Giuseppe Meroni" of Lissone, province of Monza, won the call thanks to a project that represents the link between Italy and Europe: a swallow in the colours of the Italian and the European Union flags.

picture of the winner

The main features of the logo are: the upward beak symbolising the will to aim to the best; the wings representing direction and protection; the tail, the distinguishing element of a swallow, representing diversity as conveyed through the motto of the European Union, “united in diversity”. Traditionally swallows symbolised long journeys and this is the perfect image to express the ambitions of the European dream.


The students wanted the swallow to represent the ideas they associate with the European Union citizenship, that is to say travel, hope and freedom: a perfect combination expressing integration, emotions and expectations, three fundamental aspects to lay the foundations for a common future.

Delegations of the five short-listed schools coming from the regions of Lombardia, Marche, Piemonte and Puglia, together with a delegation of the European Design Institute of Rome that worked on the design of the logo, took part into the event.

The logo will be the official symbol of the Italian presidency, #IT2014EU, and will be used during each formal and informal event concerning the presidency as well as on all digital formats.



Last update: 11 June 2014